Cod Liver Oil Benefits

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Years ago if people wanted to get cod liver oil benefits they had to endure it in a nasty smelling liquid form. Today you’re in luck! They come in a tasteless and odorless capsule form that are both inexpensive and easy to take.

A great source of vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acid is the oil from fish. Cod liver oil and other fish oil high in omega-3 fight off disease, slow down the effects of old age and keep the body, heart and mind as a well oiled machine. These oils have a link stopping depression and improvement of thinking and motor skills. The benefits are seemingly endless. It’s been proven to improve the health of patients after surgery, improve the heart and fight off heart disease. The oil from fish such as cod, salmon, tuna and halibut have been shown to improve bones and eyes also. It can be a great supplement for post menopause women and fighting osteoporosis.  Cod liver capsules are excellent for preventive care for children can even help against health problems like diabetes. Cod liver oil benefits people of all ages.
There is also research studies that show cod oil can act as an anti inflammatory and could help patients who suffer from arthritic pains to reduce their dependence on anti-inflammatory drugs according to researchers. Anti-inflammatory drugs most largely prescribed with the aim of relieving pain associated with arthritis rheumatoid or osteoarthritis. The majority of the 58 people who took part in these studies took ibuprofen. According to the results, 39 of the subjects who took cod-liver oil could reduce their consumption of medications for inflammation by 30, against 10 % of patients who took the placebo. The researchers led to two other tests which gave similar results.

Fish Oil Capsules

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Cod-liver oil has been used for years as a way to cure ailments, mainly because of the copious amounts of vitamins and the boost it gives to the immune system. Learning more in depth about this science takes the right educational foundation, one that can be learned from an institutions like University of the Sciences Online

If you’re not a big fan of fish then fish oil pills or cod liver capsules are an excellent alternative. They are odourless and tasteless and are sold at a very low price. It’s recommended to have a serving of fish 2 to 3 times per week. If you’re not able to then please do check out fish capsules. Halibut liver capsules highly recommended because they contain many essential vitamins. Fish oil can also help a weakened immune system and reinforces cold resistance and helps to prevent colds.

Cod liver is very rich in vitamin D, the richest actually second only to halibut. The oil is an essential component in the development of children’s growth. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for the development of the bones, of the skin and the eyes. The old wives tale of fish being good for your sight actually holds some truth to it. Vitamin also makes it possible to prevent osteoporosis, and is an excellent supplement for post-menopausal women.

In addition to its beneficial effects on the growth and the bones, fish oil also makes it possible to prevent the certain types of cancer like prostate and colon cancers Lastly, it also contains a size able quantity of omega-3 which helps against cardiovascular diseases.

It is important to consume some with moderation. To avoid problems, speak to a physician before taking any supplements.

Cod Oil and Weight Control

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The nutrimentin fish oils can help defend against many of the sickness linked with insulin resistance, which are now grouped under the term ‘metabolic syndrome.’ Obesity is just one of the illnesses linked with insulin resistance. Others consist of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, various arthritis, and some kinds of cancer. Wholly these disorders are thought to be ‘diseases of civilization,’ and are caused by consuming the wrong kinds of food.

Many researchers conclude that these illnesses are made basically by eating junk foods like sugar, white flour and high-fructose corn syrup, and too few of the healthy fats found in fish and naturally-raised animals and poultry.

The ‘typical North American’ diet is large in omega-6 fatty acids, that can be found in vegetable oils, margarine, and grain-fed and confinement raised beef, and it is low in the good omega-3 fatty acids and fat-soluble nutrients that are found in fish oils and grass-fed beef and eggs from free-range hens. This unhealthy ratio between omega-6 and omega-3 fats could be adding to the high statistics of obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

One way to stop this trend is to consume lots of fatty fish, at least three times a week, and take a good-quality cod liver oil supplements daily. If you also cut back or remove sugar and other junk foods, the vitamins in the oil and fish will help you drop weight quickly and naturally.

Back in the 1930s and 40s, most doctors recommended that children be given cod liver oil as a daily vitamin regimen, because the fat-soluble vitamins and omega-3 fats improve the immune system and protect us from communicable illnesses. The vaccines do protect against life-threatening illnesses like polio and

measles, but a healthy immune system is still important for fighting against sickness and such sicknesses as the flu and the common cold. The fatty acids in fish oils are largely important for building healthy brains and nervous systems in growing children.

Recent studies have shown that fish oils can be as productive in treating clinical depression as some prescribed medications, it can assist in memory, reduce stress, and helps cut down on allergic problems. The vitamin D in fish oil can help improve bone strength and fight against osteoporosis, and it can help reduce muscle pain in the legs for older adults. Many people have noticed that their arthritis pain is reduced when they take regular cod liver oil supplements, because the omega-3 fatty acids help heal damage in inflamed joints.

The vitamin A in cod liver oil can also help promote faster quick healing and protect against damage to the eyes caused by diabetes.

Fish oil is the only vitamin supplement that can help individuals lose weight while also giving all these additional health benefits, and it can be a part of every healthy diet.

What Are The Benefits Of Omega-3?

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 large predatory fish accumulate toxic substances. For example, tuna is often contaminated by mercury. So it’s  preferable to limit  predatory fish consumption (tuna, swordfish, shark, mackerel king, etc)

 omega-3 capsules made from fish oil  do not present this problem because the majority are made of purified oil whose toxicity is generally much lower. In addition, also taking it in a pill form saves quite a bit of time and is great for people who aren’t very big on fish.

In regards to the quantity of fish necessary to obtain a sufficient contribution, the data is variable; certain experts say  about 2 fish portions with fatty flesh per week, others will recommend more.

Moreover, the recommendations can vary when the purpose of the fish consumption is to prevent or to treat specific diseases.  For example, for people suffering from coronary disease, certain doctors will recommend up to 5 even 7 fish portions per week . It is known that the brain is made up of 20%  fatty-acids polyunsaturates of the omega-3 type, it is plausible to think that a deficiency on of these can have a very negative effect on the brain.  certain epidemiological and neurobiological research, shows that this deficiency would predispose, in particular, with mental disorders of which depression.

Studies showed that the prevalence of depression bipolar depression  postpartum depression and suicidal behaviors are often associated with a diet weak in omega-3 or a low rate of omega-3 in the blood.  On the other hand, people who have a good rate of omega-3 by consuming fish regularly have only a small percentage of a small percentage of depressive individuals.

As for the ADH (acid docosahexaenoic) the other constituting principal omega-3, the studies are not conclusive. The current data concerning the benefits of the ADH are in the development of the brain and cardiovascular diseases. It is thought that the fatty-acids omega-3 as a whole have an impact on the disorders of mood via biological mechanisms in the brain, of which effect the neurotransmission of serotonin and anti-inflammation.

 Fish oil has a low content of saturated greases and contains more omega 3 than multiple portions of fish flesh. The fish oil is very rich in docosahexanoïque acid (DHA) and eicosapentanoïque acid (EPA). These essential fatty-acids, which are stored in the cellular membranes of fabrics, have two great functions. First, they are, on the one hand, the components of the cellular membranes of which  ensures fluidity and stability, while protecting the cells and its components against intrusions.

Secondly, they stimulate the production of prostaglandins, the hormonal substances which contribute to the regulation of several vital processes, of which the heart rate, blood pressure, blood coagulation, and  fertility. The prostaglandins also take part in the control mechanisms of the ignitions, of the reactions largely associated with many immunizing disorders. The prostaglandins helps organize defense against  infection and to maintain the mechanisms of inflammation within acceptable limits. Please see our cod liver oil benefits  article for more info.

Cod Liver Oil and Depression

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Even though it’s taste may give you the blues, cod liver oil may in fact be helpful against depression and don’t forget it comes in gel caps!… so the horrible taste is no longer an issue.

According to a survey carried out, Norwegians who consumed cod-liver oil ran approximately 30 % less risks to suffer from depression than those which did not take any. This effect was pronounced even more at the subjects who took some regularly for a long time, which experts predict that the benefits of this fish oil could grow with it’s use.

The Norwegian researchers are careful however in the interpretation of the results. According to them, other factors, like the food mode or the socio-economic statute of the subjects, could have had an impact on the symptoms of depression.

Clinical trials are currently being conducted in North America on the effectiveness of omega-3, fish oils and cod-liver oil to prevent or treat depression. These studies are done in particular with teenagers, people suffering from major depression and depression associated with the multiple sclerosis.

The cells of the brain renew their components from what we eat. However two thirds of the brain consist of fatty-acids. Those form at the base the membranes of the nervous cells. If we eat fats “saturated” like animal butter or fatty which are solid, the cells of the brain will become rather rigid. If on the contrary we eat “polyunsaturates” fats which are more fluid , the cells of the brain will be more flexible and the communication between them will be more stable. Especially if it is fatty-acid omega-3.
When one removes the omega-3 from the food of rats in a laboratory, they become anxious, learn little, panic and have little pleasure. Contrary, a mode rich in omega-3 increases the production of the neurotransmitters of good mood.

Cod Liver Oil and Preventive Care

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Recent studies show that cod liver oil may have a direct impact on type 1 Diabetes in children.
In Norway, cod liver oil is an important food source comprising mainly of vitamin D and fatty-acids with long chains, such as the acid eicosapentaenoic or docosahexaenoic acid. Studies proposed the virtues from these three composed to fight against the appearance of type 1 diabetes.
Scientists at the University hospital of Ullevål in Olso, sought to know if cod-liver oil ingestion or other supplements large in vitamin D, during the period of pregnancy or the first year of life of the baby, had an influence on the appearance of diabetes of the type 1 in the children.

After having carried out a questionnaire on 1668 people, the researchers showed a correlation between the consumption of the cod-liver oil during the first year of life of the baby and a reduction in the risk of developing type 1 diabetes. On the other hand, the ingestion of supplements in vitamin D during the pregnancy or the first year of the baby’s life seems not to have any effect. In the same way, the oil absorption of cod liver during the pregnancy does not decrease the risk to develop the disease. The researchers think that they are the fatty-acids long chain, that the cod-liver oil contains, which would intervene in the prevention of the appearance of the diabetes of the type 1.

This oil is one of the most effective sources of fatty-acids omega-3, and an excellent source of vitamin D. It is traditionally recommended in the event of osteoporosis or for people deficit in vitamin D.

Fish oil like this also contains essential fatty-acids which contribute to good performance of the nervous cells; by fluxing the membranes, they allow the development and the harmonious operation of the nervous system. It’s is particularly recommended as a food supplement, because in addition to supporting the growth of children, it also contributes to their intellectual development.

Studies show fish oil is beneficial for blood circulation and More!

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A great source of Omega-3 is cod liver oil.  Many parents and grandparents have the memory to be forced to swallow, during their youth, a good spoonful of pale yellow oil to the atrocious taste and odor. Fortunately for the people of today,  cod-liver oil is available out of capsules which is  odourless and has no taste . This oil extracted from the liver of cod has many virtues which are essential to us. Also, it is an excellent nutritional supplement for infants for the good progress of their growth and a preventive remedy against nutritional deficiencies, for adults and for children, because of it’s strong content of vitamin D, the vitamin necessary for the development of the bones and the skin like for the eyes.

February 7, 2000 – a small study of 30 patients suffering from a high cholesterol level has just highlighted that the fish oil supplements containing of the fatty-acids omega-3 improve considerably dilation of the arteries and blood circulation.

The subjects were divided into two groups, one taking each day a supplement of fish oil, the other a placebo. At the end of four months, the tests showed that the dilation of the arteries had doubled in the experimental group while it had not moved in the placebo group.

The process of dilation of the arteries depends on the endothelium, the membrane which papers the arteries. However a high cholesterol level can block the operation of this membrane, which involves the constriction of the arteries and a reduction of blood circulation.

It should be noted that neither this study nor other former studies showed an effect of the supplements of the fatty-acids omega-3 on the cholesterol levels. On the other hand, the former studies showed that the fish oil supplements modify the composition of greases in the cellular membranes, which improves possibly dilation of the blood-vessels.

Primarily, this study shows that fish oils containing omega-3 are good for blood circulation and cardiac health, and that they can improve having a too high blood cholesterol level.

Cod liver oil consolidates the immune system and controls the growth by codifying the growth hormones.It possible to prevent the osteoporosis and slows down the progression of this disease. When it is correctly managed, it makes it possible to prevent several types of cancer like that of the prostate, the colon and the centres.

And finally, vitamin D contributes to the prevention of the auto- diseases immunise such as multiple sclerosis and arthritis rheumatoid. A brilliant theory published by German researchers in 2005 shows that the vitamin D controls the blood-pressure by inhibiting the excessive proliferation of the smooth muscles of the blood-vessels and while being opposed to their calcification. Moreover, cod-liver oil is an excellent source of beneficial fatty-acid omega-3. The researchers are more seriously leaning on the benefits of this essential fatty-acid by observing the dietary habits of Inuits of Greenland which consume in major part of rich foods in fat, in particular of the flesh and the oil of fish, seals and whales. The researchers then noted that these tribes seldom had cardiovascular diseases or polyarthritis rheumatoid. This study their made it possible to show that a regular consumption of fat content of source marinates such omega-3 ensures the regularity of the pulsation of the heart

Omega-3 and Cod Liver Oil Benefits

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This article will foccus on cod liver oil benefits and fish oil benefits. It’s no surprise that a great part of the world suffers from the cardiac disease due to unhealthy lifestyles. In the United States cardiac disease remains the number one killer among adults and they’re are many similar statistics in many of other modern countries. This however, can be easily prevented with proper, safe exercise and eating the right foods and supplements such as fish oil capsules.

Although many factors contribute to cardiac disease we will discuss one of them in two parts. Initially we will consider the relation of the fish consumption and the myocardial infarction. Secondly we will consider the effects of the dietetic supplementation with Omega-3 and the vitamin E for those which had previously survived an heart attack.

Fish consumption and cardiac disease were a subject of the innumerable studies. A research project combined data taken on several such studies including the studies of doctors in the United States in particular. The aim of this research was to examine the relationship between fish consumption and risk of of coronary disease.

The participants of the study included 1822 men between the ages of forty and fifty-five which were free from cardiovascular disease.During the 30 years follow-up there was a total of 430 deaths of the cardiovascular disease with 293 due to myocardial infractions. The last 196 were sudden, 94 were not-sudden and the others three could not be classified as either. Almost all sudden deaths were caused by myocardial infarction.

A detailed dietetic history was kept on each participant including daily fish consumption. Each participant was classified by category in one of four groups. The first group supposedly did not consume any fish. The second group consumed between one and seventeen grams of fish per day. The third and fourth groups measured consumption as eighteen to thirty four grams per day and more considerably than thirty-four grams per day respectively.

Foreseeable the results explained an opposite relationship between the fish consumption and the occurrence of the myocardial infarction. In particular the participants who ate at least 35 grams of fish per day had a death rate of 42% less heart attacks compared with those which did not eat any fish on the whole.

Cod liver oil has high levels of the omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. Besides having a positive effect on the heart, brain and bones. This oil has also been proven to reduce the stiffness and problems associated with arthritis.
PS If you have not yet please read my article on cod liver oil benefits.