Cod Liver Oil and Depression

Posted by gw in Cod Liver Oil on 18-06-2009

Even though it’s taste may give you the blues, cod liver oil may in fact be helpful against depression and don’t forget it comes in gel caps!… so the horrible taste is no longer an issue.

According to a survey carried out, Norwegians who consumed cod-liver oil ran approximately 30 % less risks to suffer from depression than those which did not take any. This effect was pronounced even more at the subjects who took some regularly for a long time, which experts predict that the benefits of this fish oil could grow with it’s use.

The Norwegian researchers are careful however in the interpretation of the results. According to them, other factors, like the food mode or the socio-economic statute of the subjects, could have had an impact on the symptoms of depression.

Clinical trials are currently being conducted in North America on the effectiveness of omega-3, fish oils and cod-liver oil to prevent or treat depression. These studies are done in particular with teenagers, people suffering from major depression and depression associated with the multiple sclerosis.

The cells of the brain renew their components from what we eat. However two thirds of the brain consist of fatty-acids. Those form at the base the membranes of the nervous cells. If we eat fats “saturated” like animal butter or fatty which are solid, the cells of the brain will become rather rigid. If on the contrary we eat “polyunsaturates” fats which are more fluid , the cells of the brain will be more flexible and the communication between them will be more stable. Especially if it is fatty-acid omega-3.
When one removes the omega-3 from the food of rats in a laboratory, they become anxious, learn little, panic and have little pleasure. Contrary, a mode rich in omega-3 increases the production of the neurotransmitters of good mood.

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