Cod Liver Oil and Preventive Care

Posted by gw in Cod Liver Oil on 18-06-2009

Recent studies show that cod liver oil may have a direct impact on type 1 Diabetes in children.
In Norway, cod liver oil is an important food source comprising mainly of vitamin D and fatty-acids with long chains, such as the acid eicosapentaenoic or docosahexaenoic acid. Studies proposed the virtues from these three composed to fight against the appearance of type 1 diabetes.
Scientists at the University hospital of Ullevål in Olso, sought to know if cod-liver oil ingestion or other supplements large in vitamin D, during the period of pregnancy or the first year of life of the baby, had an influence on the appearance of diabetes of the type 1 in the children.

After having carried out a questionnaire on 1668 people, the researchers showed a correlation between the consumption of the cod-liver oil during the first year of life of the baby and a reduction in the risk of developing type 1 diabetes. On the other hand, the ingestion of supplements in vitamin D during the pregnancy or the first year of the baby’s life seems not to have any effect. In the same way, the oil absorption of cod liver during the pregnancy does not decrease the risk to develop the disease. The researchers think that they are the fatty-acids long chain, that the cod-liver oil contains, which would intervene in the prevention of the appearance of the diabetes of the type 1.

This oil is one of the most effective sources of fatty-acids omega-3, and an excellent source of vitamin D. It is traditionally recommended in the event of osteoporosis or for people deficit in vitamin D.

Fish oil like this also contains essential fatty-acids which contribute to good performance of the nervous cells; by fluxing the membranes, they allow the development and the harmonious operation of the nervous system. It’s is particularly recommended as a food supplement, because in addition to supporting the growth of children, it also contributes to their intellectual development.


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