Cod Liver Oil Benefits

Posted by gw in Cod Liver Oil Benefits on 19-06-2009

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Years ago if people wanted to get cod liver oil benefits they had to endure it in a nasty smelling liquid form. Today you’re in luck! They come in a tasteless and odorless capsule form that are both inexpensive and easy to take.

A great source of vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acid is the oil from fish. Cod liver oil and other fish oil high in omega-3 fight off disease, slow down the effects of old age and keep the body, heart and mind as a well oiled machine. These oils have a link stopping depression and improvement of thinking and motor skills. The benefits are seemingly endless. It’s been proven to improve the health of patients after surgery, improve the heart and fight off heart disease. The oil from fish such as cod, salmon, tuna and halibut have been shown to improve bones and eyes also. It can be a great supplement for post menopause women and fighting osteoporosis.  Cod liver capsules are excellent for preventive care for children can even help against health problems like diabetes. Cod liver oil benefits people of all ages.
There is also research studies that show cod oil can act as an anti inflammatory and could help patients who suffer from arthritic pains to reduce their dependence on anti-inflammatory drugs according to researchers. Anti-inflammatory drugs most largely prescribed with the aim of relieving pain associated with arthritis rheumatoid or osteoarthritis. The majority of the 58 people who took part in these studies took ibuprofen. According to the results, 39 of the subjects who took cod-liver oil could reduce their consumption of medications for inflammation by 30, against 10 % of patients who took the placebo. The researchers led to two other tests which gave similar results.


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