Studies show fish oil is beneficial for blood circulation and More!

Posted by gw in Cod Liver Oil on 16-06-2009

A great source of Omega-3 is cod liver oil.  Many parents and grandparents have the memory to be forced to swallow, during their youth, a good spoonful of pale yellow oil to the atrocious taste and odor. Fortunately for the people of today,  cod-liver oil is available out of capsules which is  odourless and has no taste . This oil extracted from the liver of cod has many virtues which are essential to us. Also, it is an excellent nutritional supplement for infants for the good progress of their growth and a preventive remedy against nutritional deficiencies, for adults and for children, because of it’s strong content of vitamin D, the vitamin necessary for the development of the bones and the skin like for the eyes.

February 7, 2000 – a small study of 30 patients suffering from a high cholesterol level has just highlighted that the fish oil supplements containing of the fatty-acids omega-3 improve considerably dilation of the arteries and blood circulation.

The subjects were divided into two groups, one taking each day a supplement of fish oil, the other a placebo. At the end of four months, the tests showed that the dilation of the arteries had doubled in the experimental group while it had not moved in the placebo group.

The process of dilation of the arteries depends on the endothelium, the membrane which papers the arteries. However a high cholesterol level can block the operation of this membrane, which involves the constriction of the arteries and a reduction of blood circulation.

It should be noted that neither this study nor other former studies showed an effect of the supplements of the fatty-acids omega-3 on the cholesterol levels. On the other hand, the former studies showed that the fish oil supplements modify the composition of greases in the cellular membranes, which improves possibly dilation of the blood-vessels.

Primarily, this study shows that fish oils containing omega-3 are good for blood circulation and cardiac health, and that they can improve having a too high blood cholesterol level.

Cod liver oil consolidates the immune system and controls the growth by codifying the growth hormones.It possible to prevent the osteoporosis and slows down the progression of this disease. When it is correctly managed, it makes it possible to prevent several types of cancer like that of the prostate, the colon and the centres.

And finally, vitamin D contributes to the prevention of the auto- diseases immunise such as multiple sclerosis and arthritis rheumatoid. A brilliant theory published by German researchers in 2005 shows that the vitamin D controls the blood-pressure by inhibiting the excessive proliferation of the smooth muscles of the blood-vessels and while being opposed to their calcification. Moreover, cod-liver oil is an excellent source of beneficial fatty-acid omega-3. The researchers are more seriously leaning on the benefits of this essential fatty-acid by observing the dietary habits of Inuits of Greenland which consume in major part of rich foods in fat, in particular of the flesh and the oil of fish, seals and whales. The researchers then noted that these tribes seldom had cardiovascular diseases or polyarthritis rheumatoid. This study their made it possible to show that a regular consumption of fat content of source marinates such omega-3 ensures the regularity of the pulsation of the heart

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